Australasian Diabetes Congress 2020 - Oral & E-poster Guides

Oral & E-poster Guides

You can download a PDF version of the ADC E-poster & Oral Guides here.

Please ensure you read through these guides carefully before pre-recording your presentation.

The time allowed for each presentation will be 12 minutes (pre-recorded). Pre-recorded presentations will be played back to back with a live Q&A panel at the end. All presenters must be present during the session and for the live Q&A panel.

The time allowed for each E-poster presentation will be 3 minutes (pre-recorded), each presenter can present their work over 3 PowerPoint slides with a voice-over recording. Delegates will be able to view the E-posters at their leisure and can contact the presenter if they have questions.

Have a question?

Queries relating to pre-recording your presentation or these guides can be directed to the ADC 2020 Conference Office, Think Business Events on, or 03 9417 1350.